Black SUV 2024 Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition to F150: Upgrading Your Ford F-Series

The Ford F-Series The Ford F-Series is a line of light-duty and heavy-duty pickup trucks produced by the Ford Motor Company since 1948. Over the years, the F-Series has become one of the most popular and best-selling vehicle lines in the United States, with the Ford F-150 being the best-selling vehicle in the country for … Continued

Black SUV 2024 Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition Error Codes From P301-P307: Explained

Understanding Error Codes Like any modern vehicle, the Ford Expedition has an onboard diagnostics system that monitors various components and systems for potential malfunctions. When the system detects an issue, it triggers the illumination of the check engine light and stores a corresponding code in the vehicle’s computer system. Error codes, also known as diagnostic … Continued

Ford SUV TIres

The Most Popular Tires for Your Ford Edge MidSize SUV

Choosing the Right Ford Edge MidSize SUV Tires The Ford Edge is a popular midsize SUV with a comfortable ride, ample cargo space, and advanced features. As an SUV owner, choosing the right tires is crucial to ensure your vehicle’s performance, safety, and fuel efficiency. Ford Edge MidSize SUV Tires The Ford Edge is a … Continued

Ford Commercial Truck

Choosing the Perfect Ford Commercial Truck for Your Needs

How to Choose the Perfect Ford Commercial Truck When it comes to finding the perfect commercial truck for your business needs, Ford offers a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you’re in the construction industry, delivery services, or any other field that requires heavy-duty transportation, Ford has a commercial truck that will suit … Continued

Grey Metallic Ford Ranger

Boost Your Ride: 10 Must-Have Ford Ranger Accessories

Enhance Functionality and Style  The Ford Ranger is a popular pickup truck known for its durability, versatility, and ruggedness. Whether you use your Ford Ranger for off-roading adventures, daily commuting, or as a workhorse, a wide variety of Ford Ranger accessories are available to enhance its functionality, style, and performance. This comprehensive list will explore … Continued

Ford F-150 Accessories

Upgrade Your Ford F-150: List of Available Accessories

Improve Functionality, Performance and Style  The Ford F-150 is a powerful and reliable truck that has been popular among truck enthusiasts for many years. With its rugged design and impressive performance, it’s no wonder that many F-150 owners want to upgrade their vehicles even further with Ford accessories. Whether you’re looking to improve the functionality, … Continued

Ford e-Transit

Find Out Why the Ford E-Transit Cargo Van is a Game-Changer

The Evolution of Ford Commercial Trucks The Ford E-Transit is the latest addition to the electric vehicle lineup, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of commercial vehicles. As the automotive industry shifts towards a greener and more sustainable future, Ford has embraced the challenge by introducing their first all-electric Ford cargo van. With its … Continued

Red 2022 Ford Maverick

Essential Tips: Prepare Your Ford Maverick for Canadian Winters

Understanding The Importance Of Winterizing Your Vehicle Winter in Canada can be harsh, with freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and icy roads. As a Ford Maverick owner, it is crucial to properly winterize your vehicle to ensure its optimal performance and safety during this challenging season. Winterizing your Maverick involves a series of preparations and maintenance tasks … Continued

Red Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer vs Jeep Grand Cherokee: A SUV Comparative

The Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee: The Ultimate SUV Battle When it comes to iconic SUVs, the Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee are two vehicles that have stood the test of time. Both renowned for their ruggedness, versatility, and performance, these SUVs have captured the hearts of adventure seekers and families alike. In … Continued

Power Stroke Ford Diesel Engine

The Expert Guide to Ford Diesel Mechanics for Diesel Engines

Exploring Ford Diesel Mechanics When it comes to power and performance, Ford Diesel Engines are renowned for their exceptional capabilities. Whether you own a Ford Diesel Truck or are considering purchasing any diesel engine Ford carries, understanding the intricacies of these engines is crucial. This expert guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of … Continued

Power Stroke Ford Diesel Engine

Guide to Diesel Engine Repair Maintenance at a Ford Dealership

Ford Dealership Maintenance: Diesel engine pumps are crucial in various industries, from agriculture to construction. These powerful machines transfer fuel from the storage tank to the engine, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. However, like any mechanical equipment, diesel engine pumps require regular maintenance to sustain their optimal performance. This comprehensive guide will walk you through … Continued

1987 Used Red Corvette

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Cheap Used Car

The Pitfalls of Buying a Cheap Used Car Buying a cheap used car can be tempting for many budget-conscious individuals. However, being aware of the potential pitfalls of purchasing a vehicle at a lower price point is crucial. One of the main concerns when buying a cheap used car is the condition of the vehicle. … Continued

Red Mach e Select

Mustang Mach E Select: A Closer Look at Ford’s Electric SUV

The Rise of Electric Vehicles Electric vehicles (EVs) have been gaining significant traction in recent years as more and more drivers seek eco-friendly alternatives to traditional gasoline-powered cars. With the growing demand for EVs, manufacturers have been stepping up to deliver innovative, high-performing electric vehicles. One vehicle that has captured the attention of automotive enthusiasts … Continued

2020 Ford F-150

Surprising Facts: Exploring the Ford F-150 Lightning’s Secrets

Unveiling The Untold Secrets Of The Ford F-150 Lightning With heightened awareness about the environment, and the high cost of gas, more and more people are turning to electric vehicles. Since its release, this electric truck has been making waves in the automotive industry, and for good reason. This revolutionary electric truck has a multitude … Continued

2024 White Ford F-150 Tremor

Understanding the Tremor Technology in Ford Pickup Trucks

Tremor Technology in Ford Pickup Trucks The automotive industry is constantly evolving, and Ford is at the forefront of innovation with their lineup of pickup trucks. One of the latest advancements in their arsenal is the Tremor Technology, specifically designed to enhance the off-road capabilities of their trucks. This groundbreaking technology has garnered the attention … Continued

MSA Ford Dealer near Surrey BC

Potential Causes For Each Of The OBD-II Ford Diagnostic Codes

A Breakdown of OBD-II Ford Diagnostic Codes Here’s a breakdown of the potential causes for each of the OBD-II Ford diagnostic codes (DTCs) ranging from P0100 to P0114, all of which relate to fuel and air metering issues within the vehicle’s powertrain:  P0100 – Mass or Volume Air Flow “A” Circuit Malfunction Potential Causes: P0101 … Continued

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Ford OBDII Diagnostic Codes: P0100-P0199 – Fuel and Air

Getting to Know Ford Diagnostic Codes  The OBD-II diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) ranging from P0100 to P0199 specifically pertain to fuel and air metering issues within the vehicle’s powertrain. These codes provide insight into potential malfunctions or irregularities related to the fuel delivery system and air intake, allowing for targeted diagnosis and repair. If you … Continued

Ford Services

What to Expect In A Ford Repair Service: A Top List

What does a Ford Repair Service include?  When it comes to maintaining the performance and longevity of your Ford vehicle, having access to comprehensive and specialized repair services is paramount. Ford repair services encompass a wide range of offerings designed to keep your vehicle running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. From essential maintenance tasks to specialized … Continued

MSA Ford Dealer near Surrey BC

The Ford Showroom: A Haven for Quality and Reliability

Find Your Perfect Ride in a Ford Showroom When it comes to purchasing a used vehicle, Canadians seek a blend of durability, performance, and value. Ford, a renowned name in the automotive industry, offers a diverse range of pre-owned vehicles that meet the discerning needs of Canadian drivers. From rugged trucks to versatile SUVs and … Continued

MSA Ford Dealer near Surrey BC

Ford Dealership Services: A Detailed Breakdown

What specific services does a Ford service include provided by a dealership? These services and features collectively contribute to a comprehensive and customer-focused Ford service experience aimed at ensuring Ford vehicles’ performance, safety, and longevity while prioritizing customer satisfaction and convenience. How often should Ford vehicles typically undergo scheduled maintenance? Ford vehicles typically undergo scheduled … Continued

Red Ford Explorer

Ford Explorer: Engine Options And Performance Capabilities

The Ford Explorer: Powerful Engine Options The 2023 Ford Explorer offers a range of powerful engine options, each designed to provide impressive performance and towing capabilities. Here are the details about the engine options and their performance capabilities: 3.3L V6 Hybrid Engine Turbocharged 2.3-litre Four-Cylinder Engine Twin-Turbocharged 3.0-Liter V6 Engine In addition to the range … Continued

Ford F-650 White

Maintenance Intervals: F-650/F-750 Power Stroke® Diesel

A Comprehensive Guide to Truck Maintenance Proper maintenance is essential for keeping your F-650/F-750 Power Stroke® Diesel in top condition. By following the recommended maintenance intervals and procedures, you can ensure optimal vehicle performance, reliability, and longevity. Here is a comprehensive guide on the maintenance intervals for your F-650/F-750 Power Stroke® Diesel: Oil and Filter … Continued

Power Stroke Ford Diesel Engine

Features Of The 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel Engine

6.7L Powerstroke Diesel Engine: A Marvel of Engineering  The Ford 6.7L Powerstroke diesel engine is a marvel of engineering, combining power, efficiency, and durability in one impressive package. Whether you’re a truck enthusiast or need a reliable workhorse, this engine will deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Advanced Fuel Injection System Its advanced fuel injection system … Continued

2023 F150 Pickup Truck of the Year

The Ford Pickup Truck: Power and Versatility

A Ford Pickup Truck for any Lifestyle The Ford is known by synonymous terms such as “Super Duty,” “commercial truck,” and “Ford truck,” has earned a well-deserved reputation for its power, performance, durability, and versatility. Whether you’re a contractor needing a workhorse or an outdoor enthusiast seeking adventure, the Ford truck offers a range of … Continued

MSA Ford Dealer near Surrey BC

Car Shopping: The Automall Advantage with Ford Dealerships

Choosing a Reliable Dealership  Finding the perfect vehicle in the Fraser Valley can be an exciting yet overwhelming task when it comes to car shopping. With numerous options available in Abbotsford and near Chilliwack, choosing a reliable dealership that offers a wide range of vehicles, competitive pricing, and convenient services is essential. That’s where automalls, … Continued

Red Ford F-350

Used Ford Trucks: Dome Light Flashing Issue

Flashing Dome Lights on Ford Trucks  If you own a used Ford truck and it refuses to start while the dome light is flashing, you’re not alone. This frustrating issue can leave truck owners scratching their heads and wondering what could be wrong. This comprehensive guide will delve into the possible causes behind this problem … Continued

Power Stroke Ford Diesel Engine

Diesel Engine Repair: Optimal Performance and Longevity

Getting to Know Your Diesel Engine Diesel engines are known for their power and efficiency, but like any machinery, they require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This comprehensive guide on diesel engine repair provides valuable insights and expert guidance to help you navigate common issues, troubleshoot problems, and implement … Continued

Ford Diesel Engine Power Stroke

Diesel Engine: Why Do I See White Smoke?

Diesel Engine: Taking longer to start and getting white smoke from the exhaust White smoke emissions from a diesel engine can cause concern for vehicle owners and operators. While a small amount of smoke, white in colour, during startup, may be normal, persistent or thick white smoke from a car can indicate potential problems that … Continued

Power Stroke Ford Diesel Engine

The Best Ford Diesel Engine: A Comprehensive Analysis

Diesel Engine Review When it comes to diesel engines, Ford has established itself as a leading manufacturer with a rich history of producing reliable and powerful engines. Choosing the best Ford diesel engine can be a daunting task, considering the wide range of options available in the market. In this article, we will provide an … Continued

Red Ford F-350

Top 10 Things To Consider When Buying A Ford F-350

Ford F-350 Considerations In Abbotsford, Ford is one of the most popular brands. The Ford F-350 Super Duty is a renowned pickup truck that boasts power, reliability, versatility, and advanced features. However, it’s essential to consider both the pros and cons before purchasing. In this article, we will explore the top 10 reasons that potential … Continued

2024 Petroleum Colour F-350 Super Duty Pickup Truck

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Ford F-350: The Ultimate Pickup Truck

Ten compelling reasons why the Ford F-350 Super Duty pickup reigns supreme Are you in the market for a powerful and reliable pickup truck like the Ford F-350? With its exceptional towing and hauling capabilities, advanced technology features, and rugged design, the Ford F-350 stands out as the ultimate choice for personal and commercial use … Continued

MSA Ford Dealer near Surrey BC

Auto Mall vs. Car Dealership: Explore the Differences and Similarities

When it comes to purchasing a car in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, there are various options available to consumers. Two common choices are the auto mall and the traditional car dealership. Both offer a range of vehicles but differ in size, services, and overall experience. Let’s delve into the differences and similarities between auto malls and … Continued

Diesel Block

How do we know when a Diesel Powerstroke Engine needs repair?

How do we know when a Diesel Powerstroke Engine needs repair? To determine when a Diesel Powerstroke Engine needs repair, there are several indicators that can help identify potential issues. It is important to pay attention to these signs to prevent further damage and costly repairs. Here are some common signs that indicate a Powerstroke … Continued

2020 Ford F-150

What is Ford Powerstroke Engine?

What is Ford Powerstroke Engine? The Ford Powerstroke engine uses a series of diesel engines developed by Ford Motor Company. These engines are primarily present in Ford’s line of heavy-duty pickup trucks, such as the F-250 and F-350. We know The Powerstroke engines for their powerful performance, reliability, and fuel efficiency. One of the most … Continued

Bronco Sport

Bronco Sport Best Trim for the snowy terrain of Chilliwack, BC?

Example: In Chilliwack, BC, where heavy snowfall is common during the winter months, having a vehicle that can handle the snowy terrain is crucial. Let’s say a customer is looking for the best trim in the Bronco Sport lineup to navigate these conditions. In this case, the Badlands trim would be the ideal choice. The … Continued

Ford Bronco

What Can I do with a Ford Bronco in Chilliwack, BC?

What Can I do with a Ford Bronco in Chilliwack, BC? With a Ford Bronco in Chilliwack, BC, the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re an adventurer seeking thrilling outdoor experiences or someone who enjoys the comfort and style of driving a rugged SUV, the Ford Bronco is the perfect vehicle for your needs. In conclusion … Continued

Used Pickups for sale

Spot Signs of Previous Accidents or Damage in Used Cars for Sale

Why it is important to check for signs of previous accidents or damage When buying used cars, it is crucial to thoroughly inspect the vehicle for any signs of previous accidents or damage. Doing so enables you to make an informed decision and avoid purchasing a car with hidden issues. Checking for signs of previous … Continued

Used Ford Truck

Spotting Common Red Flags When Inspecting a Used Car

The importance of inspecting used cars Purchasing a second hand car can be a smart financial decision, but it comes with risks. That’s why it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect any used car before making a purchase, especially when searching for used cars in Abbotsford. A comprehensive inspection can help you identify potential issues and avoid … Continued

2022 Ford Escape

The Best Decision When Purchasing Your First Used Car

Benefits When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, buying a used car can offer numerous benefits. For starters, used cars are generally more affordable than their brand-new counterparts, meaning that even if you are on a tight budget, you can still find a reliable and quality vehicle that fits your needs. Additionally, used cars tend … Continued

Used Cars Software

Benefits of an Automall in Abbotsford for Used Car Shoppers

Benefits of buying a used car Buying a used car in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. There are numerous benefits to opting for a pre-owned vehicle instead of purchasing a brand-new one. One of the main advantages is the significant cost savings. Used cars are generally … Continued

Ford Oil Change

Ford Super Duty: Expert Maintenance Tips for Maximum Efficiency

Are you a proud owner of a Ford Super Duty near Chilliwack, Mission or Surrey? This powerhouse of a vehicle can handle the most challenging jobs and conquer any terrain. But to truly unlock its full potential and ensure maximum efficiency, regular maintenance is essential. This guide has gathered expert tips to help you keep … Continued

2020 Ford Super Duty

A Chilliwack Powerhouse: A Deep Dive into the Ford Super Duty

Dive into the world of the Ford Super Duty. Get ready to experience the epitome of ruggedness and power on wheels as we take an exhilarating. Built to conquer the most challenging terrains and handle the most demanding tasks, this powerhouse of a truck is a true marvel of engineering. With its massive towing capacity, … Continued

Used Ford Truck

Used Cars: 7 Signs That Can Help You Avoid Buying A Lemon

Are you in the market for used cars but worried about ending up with a lemon? We’ve all heard horror stories of unsuspecting buyers in Chilliwack getting stuck with a vehicle that has a checkered past. But fear not; we’re here to help you avoid that fate. In this article, we’ll share with you the … Continued

2022 Black Metallic Ford Bronco Sport Badlands - Front View

Deals on Used Ford Explorer Cars for Sale near Chilliwack

Are you looking for reliable and affordable used cars for sale near Chilliwack? If so, look no further than the Ford Explorer. This versatile SUV has been a popular choice for families and individuals for decades, and for good reason. With its comfortable interior, impressive towing capacity, and advanced safety features, the Ford Explorer is … Continued

Ford Escape Blue

Best Car Deals: Find the Perfect Used Ford Escape in Surrey, BC

If you’re looking for a used car for sale in Surrey, BC, or, more specifically, a used Ford Escape, look no further! Finding the perfect vehicle can be daunting, but with the right knowledge and resources, you can unlock the best deals and drive away with the car of your dreams. The Ford Escape is … Continued

Used Commercial Trucks

Used Trucks & Commercial Vehicles for Sale in Abbotsford

Benefits of buying used commercial trucks When it comes to commercial trucks in Abbotsford, there are many benefits to buying used. First and foremost is the cost savings. Used commercial trucks are significantly less expensive than brand-new ones, often costing up to 50% less, which is especially important for small businesses that may not have … Continued

Used Trucks

Buying Used Trucks in Abbotsford: How to Get the Best Deal

When it comes to buying used trucks in Abbotsford, there are a few things to consider. One of the first things that comes to mind is the price. While purchasing a brand-new truck can be expensive, opting for a pre-owned truck can save you thousands of dollars. Also, used trucks come with a reduced depreciation … Continued

MSA Ford Dealer near Surrey BC

Your Ultimate Guide to Finding High-Quality Used Cars for Sale

Are you looking to buy a car but want to avoid paying the high price of a brand-new vehicle? Buying a pre-owned car can be a wise decision, especially if you are on a budget. This guide will explore the benefits of buying pre-owned vehicles, factors to consider when purchasing a used car, how to … Continued

Used Ford Fleet

5 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Used Ford Car

There is a lot of thought that goes into buying a used Ford car for sale. Too often, people make mistakes that can lead them to buy a vehicle that doesn’t work for them. No one wants to regret what they bought and end up selling their car after two years, flushing precious money down … Continued

Used Ford Pickups Trucks for Sale

How To Choose A Used Ford Truck For Sale

When buying a used Ford truck, there are several factors to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Here are some tips to help you choose an ideal used Ford in the Fraser Valley. Before you start searching for a used Ford truck, it is essential to determine your budget. Figuring out … Continued

MSA Ford Dealer near Surrey BC

Everything you ever wanted to know about a Ford Dealer

What is a Ford Dealership? A Ford dealership is a retail establishment authorized by the Ford Motor Company to sell new and used Ford vehicles, parts, and accessories to customers. These dealerships are independently owned and operated, and they typically offer a range of services, including vehicle maintenance and repairs, financing, and leasing options. At … Continued